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This page opens a window for you to the world of professional care, updated offers and a number of care-providing preparations for sale.


You can find here trends concerning hair products as well as other cosmetics offered through services of Misha/Hair Studio. In case of any questions, interest in obtaining an advice or in our offer of products, contact us and we will gladly serve your needs.


 Discover for yourself products the hairdresser and other members of the staff use in the Hair Studio. The same quality, same technologies, and so the same effects.

misha cadkova misha cadkova misha cadkova misha cadkova misha cadkova

misha cadkova misha cadkova misha cadkova misha cadkova misha cadkova

Elixir Ultime | Gold for your hair in shampoo, intenzive mask (167,68 kB)

Nude touch | Soft curls,pure texture and natural finish (362,71 kB)

Kérastase christmas pack | Beautyful packed of luxury products (234,98 kB)

Dulcia Advanced 2012 | Ne permanent wave for every woman. (67,18 kB)

Mzythic oil | For depth substistence,smoothness,intensive gloss (85,49 kB)

Loreal Retro style | New color colection autum/winter 2012 (69,65 kB)

London look Loreal | Celebration of London style and look (63,69 kB)

Infinium Loreal | New infinium in new cover (65,15 kB)

Kerastase Stars news | This is short set of stars news from Kerastase, home cure and stylings. (305,50 kB)

Kerastase Fusio Dose | Originalita for your hair in 5 minutes,immediately and prolonged efect (3,17 MB)

Heroes | New pouder and styling for heroes. (112,69 kB)

Loreal for huge styling | (259,31 kB)

Christmas with Loréal | If you buy one from the products, you will get small box as gift (407,83 kB)

INOA Supreme | (606,56 kB)

LOREAL katalog 2011 | All what we sell (1,85 MB)

Kérastas Age Premium | Rejuvenate hair by Kérastase Paris (385,46 kB)

Colection Evolution | New colection autum/winter by Loreal Professional, inspirated Inoa, gloss a ionic. (66,35 kB)

Loreal may 010 | Special packages of line EXPERT (553,77 kB)

Age densiforce | product catalogue (995,02 kB)

misha cadkova